Hi All –

Thought you all would find it a bit heart-warming to see the original invite sent to me from Fran Drescher….
Saw her at Ann Hampton Callaway & Keri Strand’s beautiful wedding at Birdland and shortly afterwards, received this….so read on and see if you can join us for this very worthy (and really fun) adventure on June 20th, if not, please share w/your friends and family….details here:


Dear Christine,

Hi doll, it’s Fran Drescher! How are you?

I hope it’s ok to reach out to you directly.
Ann Hampton Callaway gave me your deets as she is helping me produce a Cabaret Cruise fund raiser for my organization Cancer Schmancer.

You were so AMAZING at Ann & Keri’s wedding!

Now here’s the BIG ask!

I’m hosting the fund raiser Cabaret Cruise on Monday, June 20th aboard the Hornblower Infinity Ship out of NY harbor.

We’re just now putting together an A-list of talent who will each sing 1 or 2 songs during the cabaret show while ship is docked at pier.

You are such an amazing talent and so beloved, I would be over the moon if we were lucky enough to have you join us that night to perform.

Can I count on you dear girl to support Cancer Schmancer with a commitment?

I promise to make it EZ!
Let me know if you’re available and willing to honor us with your amazing voice!

Love Fran

*Working on the above Save the Date artwork now.
Rosie O’Donnell, Faith Prince, Ann & Liz Callaway, Randi Graff & Randy Roberts have already made their commitment to participate!

Love is Love