/bə’myo͞o/zd  [noun]

The musical spark that ignites when
the right singer and just the right
songwriter collide. 


be-Mused at 54 Below

be-Mused at 54 Below


In her dazzling new one-woman show, be-Mused, Christine Andreas playfully re-fashions the word to-be-Mused as, “that musical spark that ignites when just the right singer and just the right songwriter collide”. Andreas celebrates some of the greatest collaborations spanning the last century: Arlen & Garland, Jobim & Gilberto, Van Heusen & Sinatra, the Bergman’s & Streisand, Bacharach/David & Dionne Warwick, Monnot & Piaf and more. In a show that left The New York Times “thunderstruck,” Christine takes songs that are already incendiary and makes them shine that much brighter.


“Her beauty and radiance remain undimmed. Her bright, shiny soprano conveys a high-strung emotionality that is sharpened by her acting skills. The refined pop-jazz arrangements encouraged Ms. Andreas to fly as far and wide as she wished.” The result? “Right tune, right singer: pure alchemy!” –  NY Times, Stephen Holden


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